Taoist Alchemy Online

The Taoist Alchemy Online program is now live. 


Distance training is easily the most common request I receive. Many do not have the time or money to travel and train. I resisted online teaching for a long time, because the quality is much less than learning face-to-face. Taoist alchemy is subtle, and requires direct transmission and feedback from the teacher. However, the earlier parts of neidan training are accessible to a point through online classes.

The Taoist Alchemy Online program will focus on the basics and first level of neidan training.

Each course is based on a series of video talks and guided sessions. Students also have access to a private Facebook group for questions and guidance from myself and other experienced practitioners.

Intro to Taoist Alchemy is the first course and is already open for enrolment.

Over the course of 10 lessons students learn a traditional method of Taoist cultivation. The course also prepares students for training in internal alchemy, or neidan. Through talks and guided sessions students explore the Nine Basic Techniques used throughout Wang Liping’s alchemical process. These techniques form the technical foundation of Dragon Gate neidan practice. However, these methods also work as a complete system of meditation in their own right.

Basically, the course is designed with four kinds of people in mind. 

1. Those wanting to try Taoist practice out for the first time.

2. Those who have some kind of practice already, and would like to bring Taoist meditation into the mix.

3. Those wanting to learn Wang Liping’s internal alchemy.

4. Those who are learning Wang Liping’s internal alchemy, but would like to brush up on the basics.

Course Contents:


Lesson 1: Stillness and Silent Sitting

Lesson 2: Inner Seeing: the Body Scan

Lesson 3: Natural Breathing

Lesson 4: Nose Breathing

Lesson 5: Pore Breathing

Lesson 6: Body Squeeze

Lesson 7: Inner Hearing

Lesson 8: Lower Abdominal (xiaofu) Breathing

Lesson 9: Inner Breathing

Lesson 10: Lower Field (xiatian) Breathing

Final Words