June 1, 2020 nathanbrine

No Problem

The world around us is a projection of our inner state. If our current experience is nasty, you can bet that our inner state is nasty. The outer reflects the inner. The Taoist approach for sorting this out is to purify the inner by cleaning out turbid qi. Neidan holds energetic tools to help us do this. However, it can also be useful to temper our mind to aid in this process. 

Turbid qi results when we cannot cleanly process an experience: something happens and we resist it. Anytime we think there is something wrong we foster turbid qi. There is no problem. In each moment we have the mental choice to accept what is or to resist.

This does not mean we can’t take action to change things, it just means that first we need to accept what is. If we try to fix a ‘problem’ we just create more of the problem. The way through is to realize that the ‘problem’ is a reflection of our inner state, and to accept. First, allow the ‘problem’ to wash through us without resisting, and then take appropriate action. 

An easy way to work with and integrate this perspective is to do the following. Simply notice throughout the day every time we think there is something wrong. Problem… what problem?!?