September 21, 2017 nathanbrine

Burning through Karma

One of the hardest stages of neidan training I have experienced is working through reincarnation energy, affectionately known as ‘burning through karma’. This stage is tough.

Recently I have had one or two students begin to enter this stage. It is not easy. The emotions that are released can be overwhelming, and it is easy to lose perspective. But it is an important part of our training and if we have the opportunity to do it, why not. It will only make our life better.

We can think of ourselves as a house with many rooms. Best case scenario is that the whole house is clean, comfortable, and well ventilated. However, for many of us there are rooms that are locked and sealed up, rooms that we have not been inside for many years because they are dirty and full of crap. The crap is the reincarnation energy. It is our job to clean out the crap.

Reincarnation energy is accumulated through our past choices. When something happens based on these choices that we are not able to process we hide it. This is because it is bad, nasty stuff that we do not want to feel.

Neidan training requires the body to be cleaned out, just like the house. All the rooms need to be opened and the crud and crap inside needs to be cleaned out. However, to do this we are going to get dirty. This is where the training gets tough. In order for us to clean out the room, we will need to go inside, and this will get us covered with the dust and dirt of emotions and memories that have been locked away.

However, unlike cleaning house, this part of the training is actually fairly passive. Once jing and qi begin building up inside the body, the places where this crap is locked away will naturally open up. All we need to do is be open to the process. We just sit and let the energy move, and the emotions release. Also, I find it best to not think about the stuff, just experience it and let it go. After all, at the end of the day the drama doesn’t mean anything.

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