October 2, 2019 nathanbrine

Book Announcement: Launch Date Feb. 12th 2020

The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping, Vol. 1

by Nathan Brine
Forward by Wang Liping
Available Feb. 12th, 2020. 


This book is an introduction and instructional guide to the internal alchemy of my teacher, and is first in a series of books bringing the practices of the Dragon Gate Lineage to the English language. Vol. 1 focuses on foundation, basic techniques, refining jing into qi, and forming the lesser reverted elixir, as well as supplemental practices.

Taoist alchemy is hard to understand. As a system of spiritual practice it is deep, subtle, and highly sophisticated. And just to keep things interesting the practice is often cloaked in a language of mystery. Because of this many of my students and fellow practitioners have been asking for a clearly written guide on neidan practice.

To date all books about Wang Liping’s practice in English are translated texts from Chinese. These books are invaluable resources for our practice, but can lack clarity and the ability to connect with a Western audience. To complement these translations Wang Liping recommended that I write a book from the ground up in English based on my own experience.

So here it is. After countless afternoons spent in my local coffee houses the first volume is finally finished.

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